Doll´s House Residence (On order)

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60 x 30 x 74 cm

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I would sure like to live here! This doll's house guarantees hours of playtime fun in beautiful pastel colours on three stories with a rooftop terrace and a 23-piece furniture set. The "residents" can go from the ground floor to the second floor with the elevator that can be operated with a hand crank on the exterior wall. A winding staircase leads to the top floor where the rooftop terrace awaits - for relaxing or playing and seesawing! The functional modern interior design of the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom fulfils every wish and makes this doll's house a real winner in the children's room. Even the colourful window shutters can be opened. This doll's house is ideal for our bending dolls, and everyone's going to want to move in!

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